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Live a unique adventure, discovering marine wildlife of pacific open ocean and crystal blue lagoon of Moorea, a small island located at 10,5 miles from Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Discover the exceptional sight with paradisiacal landscape, and all its underwater biodiversity, with lagoon and oceanic excursions allowing you to observe and swim with marine mammals and other underwater species.

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During our boat tours enjoy amazing marine wildlife encounters in their natural environment, from the boat or on guided and safe snorkeling.

Humpback whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays....


• The Whale watching boat tour - Moorea  is a whale swim tour available from mid July to mid November.

• The Swim with wild dolphins & lagoon discovery in Moorea - boat tour is available from mid November to mid July, out of whale season.


Live unforgettable moments & enjoy this authentic change of scenery, with a full immersion in fantastic ocean home.

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play with wild dolphins, vibe with majestic whales, be fondle by stingrays,

overcome your fear of sharks... 

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With 26 years' experience, Dolphins & Whales Spirit Adventure is your perfect polynesian operator for safe and respectful encounters with whales and dolphins in Moorea.


The legislation protecting cetaceans in French Polynesia dates back to 2002, and officially established Polynesia as a Sanctuary for marine mammals species, the largest natural protected oceanic area in the world (4,8 million square kilometers).

Some 20 species of cetaceans, residential or migratory, can thus move freely, while being respected and protected.

This wide oceanic area is a privileged place to meet this marine wildlife.


The lagoon of Moorea was also classified on September 15, 2008 for an area of 5000 ha under the Ramsar convention on the preservation of wetlands.

It is the only site of Polynesia classified as a protected lagoon.

moorea lagoon tour-©Tim Mckenna

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"We think we look at Nature, but this is the Nature which looks at us and imbues us"


Human being is an integral part of Nature,

we are one and same family. whales moorea heifara-©Tim Mckenna

An authentic contact with Nature allows us

to live in harmony with it,

to connect with ourselves,

and helps make us happier. 

It has this unique power to calm us

and to regenerate us.

Ocean is a great source of serenity and freedom.

this inexhaustible treasure guides us

deep inside our own nature.


Observe wild cetaceans is an accessible experience 

to all,

but despite the good reputation of whales and dolphins,

they first are wild and powerful creatures.

A lack of knowledge of their lifestyle and behaviour 

can lead to unpleasant time.




Our renownded polynesian captain, 26 years' experience, has an extensive expertise in marine wildlife encounters, and was the first one to bring people into the water with humpback whales more than 20 years ago. Passionated by this oceanic world, he guides you in the greater respect for these amazing animals and their natural environment.

His great experience, along with his deep underwater connection, allow him to guide you with full understanding of animals behaviour.


We are happy to share with you details information about life, society, behaviour of marine wildife encountered on the day.


During our approch we put great emphasis on patience and the utmost respect for the marine wildlife which welcome us in their natural environment.

Encounter marine wildlife is a great chance given to us to share unique moments with wild animals who welcome us in their world.

Keep understand them, keep protect, keep respect them !


WELCOME on board


Boat te tohora

Welcome on board a comfortable and spacious 27ft boat, with rigid hull and wide shade cover. 

According to your preferences it's also possible to enjoy a tropical sunbath on the front deck of its bow area.

The boat capacity is up to 12 guests, so small group only for unique and privileged moments, with a friendly and attentive welcome.


 Healthy local exotic fruits and beverages are complimentary served onboard.



Snorkeling gear supplied if needed (fins, masks, snorkels)

Snorkeling gear


PLEASE NOTE : for groups more than 12 people, a larger boat is available up to 24 people.


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Boat tours program depending on 2 seasons :


Whale watching boat tour - Moorea • (select for more information)

mid July to mid November  

Encounters and observation of humpback whales and other species.

photo album Humpback whales


Swim with wild dolphins & lagoon discovery in Moorea - boat tour 

(select for more information)

mid November to Mid July  

Lagoon exploration, discover all its biodiversity, coral gardens with its multitude of tropical fish, and underwater

statues, marine wildlife encounters, observe and swim with sharks, stingrays, wild dolphins....

photo album ⇒ Marine wildlife encounters  lagoon discovery




Available all year long.

For individuals or professionals, a half day or full day private tailored service to suit your specific preferences : marine wildlife excursion, island tour, romantic sunset tour, water activities, photo shoot, scientific observation, ...

more information  Private boat tours Moorea


BOAT TOURS program

A boat tour program is not exhaustive but tailored to opportunities of the day.

We bring you for interactions with wild animals in their natural environment, on either watching and swimming with humpbacks whales, dolphins and other marine species.


We focus to achieve the most natural encounter and get the best from marine species on their terms. Upon "invitation" by cetaceans, and if ocean conditions permitting, you may have opportunities to slip into the water for a safe guided snorkeling, experiencing unforgettable encounters.

Any swim encounter is dependant on the animals behaviour, THEY decide to share moments with us, not us !


Please, be attentive to the captain - guide instructions, which must be followed.


The "whale watching tour" mostly occurs in the open ocean, whales encounters and, depending on the day, other marine wildlife pelagic species could also be encountered, even sometimes interacting with whales : spinner dolphins, rough toothed dolphins, short-finned pilot whale, oceanic whitetip sharks....

Back in the lagoon, relax surrounded by crystal blue waters, and swim with graceful stingrays and blac-tip sharks.

whales moorea-©O.Milcendeau


The "wild dolphin swim & lagoon discovery tour" mainly occurs in the lagoon, bays and channel towards the outer reef.

Spinner dolphins encounters and, depending on the day, other marine species could also be encountered, spotted eagle rays, moray eel, sea turtle, grey reef sharks,.....

A snorkeling discovery in the crystal waters of blue lagoon, with its coral gardens, fantastic natural reserve of tropical fish and many kinds of interesting marine life and insolite underwater statues.

Surrounded by clear waters, swim with graceful stingrays and black tip sharks.

Dolphin and lagoon


Duration  : half day - 4 hours minimum.

Boat departure from Moorea, Haapiti-Tiahura side, between 8:30 am and 9:00 am.

Details information about pick up and car transfer are given on email booking request.


During an excursion, you will also discover by boat the magnificent and colorful landscapes offered by Moorea, with narratives of its polynesian culture & legends, and fantastic photography opportunities.


Beginner swimmer : if you are not comfortable in the water, you can enjoy your adventure on board, or you can safely immerse by snorkeling with our experienced guide for underwater encounters at appropriate interaction times.

We supply safe gear, assistance and good vibes for a helpful support !


ADVICE : In the south pacific, there is often a sunny sky, only 18°south of the equator, the tropical sun is VERY strong, think about protecting yourself !


ENCOUNTERS - whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays and more

Polynesian waters are rich of a great diversity of marine species.

In Moorea, can be observed in both pelagic and reef environments, depending on the season :


Whales, tohora :Bal greg 34 livre sign

• humpback whales - Megaptera novaeangliae

• beaked whale - Ziphiidae


Dolphins, aahi :Globicephale2

• spinner dolphin - Stenella longirostris

• rough-toothed dolphin - Steno bredanensis

• short-finned pilot whale - Globicephala macrorhynchus


Rays, fai :Raie manta 1 4

• pink whipray stingray, fai i'u - Dasyatis pastinaca

• spotted eagle ray, fai manu - Aetobatus nari nari

• manta ray, fararua - Manta birostris



Sharks :oceanic shark moorea

• blacktip reef shark, mauri - Carcharhinus melanopterus

• grey reef shark, raira - Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos

• oceanic whitetip shark, parata - Carcharhinus longimanus

• lemon shark, arava - Negaprion acutidens

• great hammerhead shark, tamataroa - Sphyrna mokarran

• tiger shark, torus torus - Galeocerolo cuvier

Others :

• javanese moray eel, puhi iari - Muraenidae

• sea turtle, honu - Chelonioidea

• coral gardens, a natural reserve of tropical fish, ia

Moray eel turtle fish


• manu, polynesia seabirds :

Brown booby - Sula leucogaster, Lesser frigatebird - Fregata ariel, Sooty tern - Sterna fuscata, Petrel of Tahiti - Pterodrama rostrata...


Oiseau bec casse3



"Broken beak", our unusual and insolite guide ! 

A brown booby female, emaciated few years ago,

as she can't no more feed herself.

She's now a daily partner on board and at home. 



• swimsuit

• snorkeling gear : fins, mask, snorkel

• bath towel

• sunscreen

• hat / cap

• warm clothes (whale watching tour)

• shorty or lycra tee shirt

• windproof jacket, sweater

• camera

• snacks (breakfast and lunch are not included in the excursion)


Some environmental tips :

• use a biodegradable waterproof sunscreen that respects the ocean and preserves coral

• avoid to bring plastic bags, which may get lost and swallowed by a sea turtle or other marine animal !

• Coral is fragile, to avoid his destruction or to hurt yourself, please observe it without touching or walking on.



We looking forward to welcome you onboard !

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