Motu Picnic in Moorea, a Polynesian lunch "feet in the lagoon"

Ia ora na e Maeva !



Welcome at Motu Fareone, a small coral islet on the lagoon of Moorea, where you can enjoy an exotic and gourmet break in a heavenly surroundings.

Sans titre 7motu picnic mooreaLive the authenticity and simplicity of a generous and preserved exotic nature.

motu picnic mooreamotu picnic moorea

During the motu picnic,  taste the flavor of fresh local produce, savoring a delicious Polynesian lunch "feet in the lagoon", comfortably seated on a shaded table, facing he natural aquarium with turquoise and cristalline waters of Moorea.

motu picnic mooreaWe welcome you in small groups (from 8 to 24 people maximum) in a relaxing Polynesian atmosphere.

motu picnic mooreamotu picnic moorea.During the motu picnic, discover all secrets for preparing the famous "Poisson Cru" with fresh coconut milk.

motu picnic moorea