Moorea - Wild dolphins swim and lagoon discovery boat tour

Mid November to mid July - An excursion to encounter wild dolphins and lagoon marine wildlife


ENJOY - The richness of underwater polynesian ecosystem offers you a unique advenutre to enjoy the beauty of ocean home, by interacting encounters with the marine wildlife found in the open ocean and the pristine lagoon, just perfect clear blue waters for viewing the sea life.

Observe marine species in their natural environment, from the boat or during snorkeling.


The southern summer warms Pacific ocean, whose temperature is around 84°f, a very pleasant immersion into crystal and colorful waters of Moorea, into a generous nature, to discover all its underwater biodiverdity.


Just relax while experiencing insolite and unique adventure !


WELCOME on board a comfortable and spacious boat, with a rigid hull and wide shade cover.

According to yoru preferences it's also possibe to enjoy a tropical sunbath on the front deck of its bow area.

We welcome small group only, up to 12 guests, friendly and attentive, our experienced team guides you for a safe experience.


BOAT TOUR program

• Marine wildlife encounters

Share unforgeattable moments with wild dolphins !

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DISCOVERY - ENCOUNTERS - RESPECT - During the boat tour we bring you on either watching and swimming with wild dolphins, and we focus to achieve the most natural encouter and get the best from the dolphins on their terms.

Upon "invitation" by these very intelligent marine mammal, and if ocean conditions permitting, you may have opportunities to slip into the water for a safe swim, experiencing an up-close and personal encounter.

During our approch we put great emphasis on patience and the utmost respect for the marine wildlife which welcome us in their natural environment. Any swim encounter is dependant on the dolphin behaviour.


They are many large pods of spinner dolphins present around Moorea, renowned for their acrobatics.

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These curious cetaceans will offer you a pure moment of happiness thanks to their joyful and their beautiful energy !







RELAX in the lagoon, surrounded by crystal blue waters, and swim with graceful stingrays, who surprise you by their great sociability, lightly brushing up against you, and snorkel amongst black-tip sharks.

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The boat tour occurs mainly in the lagoon,, bays, and channel towars the outer reef.

Depending on the day, other marine species could also be encountered, spotted eagle ray, moray eel, sea turtle, grey reef shark,....


PLEASE NOTE : we bring you for interaction with wild animals in their natural environment, an excursion program is not exhaustive, and will be tailored to the opportunities of the day. Everyday is different !



• Visit Moorea by boat 

Discover Moorea by boat to have an exceptional and unique panorama of this paradisiac island, with its famous bays and mountains full of history anf legends, as well as its beautiful colored lagoon.



• Discovery of the lagoon

Immerse yoursef and snorkeling in the crystal blue lagoon, exploring its coral gardens, a fantastic natural reserve of tropical fish and many kinds of interesting marine life.


You will also discover the unusual underwater sculptures in volcanic stone measuring between 5 and 6,5 ft, immersed in the lagoon in 1998.

The sculptor Tihoti created this lagoon exhibition of a dozen tiki - polynesian symbol of the ancestor half-god, half-human which was the first man, a mythical character who procreates humans -.

Inspired byMu's engulfed world, the artist made these artistic works to pay tribute to the polynesian ancestors who threw all their beliefs into the sea during colonization during the previous 2 centuries.



• Seabird watching

Polynesia offers a great underwater richness, but is also a privileged place of seabirds sighting : Brown booby, Lesser frigatebird, Sooty tern, Petrel of Tahiti,....



HAPPY - Included :

• Briefing with details information about life, society, behaviour of spinner dolphins and other marine species.

• Healthy local exotic fruits tasting along with refreshments are complimentary served on board - pineapple, grapefruit, banana, mango, papaya, passion fruit, carambola, guava, coconut,...

• Snorkeling gear supplied if needed (snorkels, fins and masks)


DURATION : 4 hours minimum



- swimsuit

- snorkeling gear : fins, masks and snorkels

- bath towel

- sunscreen

- hat / cap

- shorty or lycra shirt, protecting from the sun during your swim.

- camera

- snacks